English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 33

TECHNOLOGY Van Leeuwen Test Systems BRAKE TEST BENCH SPECIFICALLY FOR PENDLE AXLES VAN LEEUWEN TEST SYSTEMS B.V. (VLT) HAS DEVELOPED A BRAKE TEST BENCH FOR NOOTEBOOM THAT MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO SEPARATELY TEST THE WHEELS ON THE INSIDE AND ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PENDLE AXLE. What makes the difference is that there are two separate rollers in the centre instead of just one. The new brake test bench has already been installed at Nooteboom in Wijchen and at Nooteboom UK in Corby. Most recently it arrived at the service facility in Zwijndrecht. Branch manager Willem Thijssen: “Conventional brake test benches see a pen- dle axle as one single axle, while it is really two axles on one axle line. We are now able to test those axles separately and that’s a big advan- tage. For the customer this means optimal measuring and adjustment of the braking system, resulting in lower maintenance costs.” The brake test benches of VLT are prestigious and used worldwide for vehicle inspections and diagnosis if there are problems with the braking system. Willem Thijssen: “We opted for a brake test bench with dual controls. The test data can be read in three ways: via the TFT console, via the TFT display screen and via the Toughpad, as shown. The combination of the axle lift and the pendle axle test option increas- es the efficiency. We no longer need two people for testing. The risk of an inside wheel locking prematurely, and damaging the tyre tread, has gone.” The products of VLT excel in robustness, operating reliability and quality. VLT is the only company in the market for whom it is possible to offer, in combination with a contract for annual preventive maintenance, a warranty for the period of ten years, which is unique. ■  Brake test bench with two separate rollers Willem Thijssen: “A proper functioning brake system is crucial for the safety of our vehicles. With the arrival of the new VLT brake test bench in Zwijndrecht we can test the brakes and with the same device store the data digitally. The Brakedata-software of VLT ensures that we can cope with the technology. A fifth test programme - especially for pendle axles - was added to the extensive software application. The VLT Brakedata supplies the technicians with the required data. The measuring results are stored in a database and they can be printed in a report or as a chart. The brake test benches in Zwijndrecht and Wijchen are connected to each other, so that the vehicle data can be shared. The service history that we build in this way is an additional advantage when the customer wants to sell his used trailer. To sum up: our VLT brake test bench sup- plies us and our customers with vital information. The most important result? Increased safety on the road and lower maintenance costs.” ■ ■  Axle-lift system and multiple operation increases efficiency 33