English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 35


New trailers


Three years ago Johan Nieuwenhuis – Export Sales Manager at Nooteboom – applied for the implementation of a new system , which ensured the customer gets his new Nooteboom trailer delivered sooner . The system works very well and resulted in a substantial increase in sales of low-loaders , semi low-loaders , flatbed trailers and megatrailers from stock .
AVAILABLE OR IN STOCK ? Johan : “ We used to build trailers for stock whenever there was a lack of incoming orders . The new system works the other way round : especially when we have plenty of work we make space in production for customers who need a new Nooteboom trailer quickly . Short lead times have become increasingly important and we are always able to deliver the most popular types immediately or at short notice . That ’ s why we prefer to use the term ‘ availability ’ instead of ‘ in stock ’. The difference lies in the market forecasting system , which enables us to constantly monitor which trailers our customers are going to need quickly .”
WHAT TYPE AND SPECIFICATIONS ? Johan : “ We make a selection from our extensive delivery programme . We are not talking about complex trailers such as a Mega Windmill Transporter , but vehicles like standard semi low-loaders and flatbed trailers with a multifunctional specification that can be used in various countries and several market sectors . All the trailers in stock are extremely well-equipped and fitted with the most popular options .”
IS THE STOCK POSTED ON THE NOOTEBOOM WEBSITE ? Johan : “ Sometimes there is confusion about lead times . Some fellow companies will offer trailers that have long been sold or that aren ’ t even in production yet . We want to be clear with our customers . The trailers we offer are ready and can be viewed in Wijchen or are in an advanced stage of the production process . We don ’ t provide any vague promises but Nooteboom trailers that can nearly always be delivered immediately .”
CAN AN ‘ IN STOCK ’ TRAILER STILL BE MODIFIED ? Johan : “ In principle the specifications are predetermined . As long as the chassis has not been sprayed the customer can choose the colour of the paint . Otherwise the vehicle will be sprayed in the standard colour for stock vehicles which is grey RAL7016 or red RAL3002 . We pay a great deal of attention to putting together the range of specifications for the trailers and therefore they are equipped with all kind of options . Also , if mutually agreed , there may be room to add certain extra options .
WHICH TRAILERS ARE SOLD THE MOST FROM STOCK ? Johan : “ The range of trailers we have in stock is not always the same . For instance , two years ago - immediately after the launch - we added several Manoovr semi low-loaders to the planning . When it comes to 3-axle and 4-assige semi low-loaders - we try to have these in stock all the time . And since last year we have added extendible Teletrailers and Megatrailers to our stock . We closely monitor the market and adapt our product-mix accordingly so that we are able to respond to the actual requirements of the customers and the market .”
IS ALL STOCK KEPT IN WIJCHEN ? Johan : “ Most of our general stock in is in Wijchen , but some vehicles are kept in stock at our dealers in various countries , such as France , England and Germany . These are vehicles that are equipped with specific options for that country .”

We closely monitor the market and adapt our offers accordingly

NOOTEBOOM SELLS USED TRAILERS TOO Johan : “ At Nooteboom the purchase and sales of used trailers is an important activity . In this we are different from other trailer manufacturers . Our service doesn ’ t stop with the delivery of a new Nooteboom trailer . It is the aim of our entire organisation to guarantee the lowest costs per kilometre for our customers . The purchase and sales of used vehicles is part of this objective , as well as our service and an impeccable spare parts supply . Our customers used to have two options : to buy a new or used vehicle . The drawback of new trailers was often the long lead time . But now we offer a third option : a new trailer available immediately from stock .”
Transport is a traditional sector . Not so very long ago transport operators used to take stock at the end of the year . If the results were encouraging they made investment plans for the following year and during spring the new trucks and trailers would appear on the road . This cycle is all but gone . Decisions about projects and investment are quicker and transport operators frequently need a new trailer urgently . Nooteboom responds to this demand by reserving space in their production for the speedy delivery of the most popular trailers . This makes Nooteboom unique : owing to a clever stock philosophy and the used vehicle department every customer can couple a suitable trailer to his tractor at very short notice . ■