English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 37

SALES & SERVICES EBB Truck-Center GmbH has facilities in Heilbronn, Baden-Baden and Dettingen unter Teck. In the near future the Nooteboom network of SMART dealers will be expanded further with new, renowned partners. EBB Truck-Center GmbH will be responsible for sales in the Baden- Württemberg region. SALES NOOTEBOOM Within the EBB organisation Klaus Dennenmoser and Thomas Kemkemer are responsible for the sales of new trailers. Klaus: “Since 2010 we have been selling STAS tipping trailers in our region. The trailers of Nooteboom complement our programme perfectly. We will sell the SMART programme ourselves, and if a customer is interested in a version that is not available in the SMART programme we will contact Ingo Schmid, the sales advisor of Nooteboom for southern Germany. German customers are very critical when it comes to the quality of the vehicles we deliver. Because Nooteboom trailers meet the quality standards that our customers require, we expect to be selling dozens of Nooteboom trailers within a few years. We also provide maintenance and service. Here it is a big advantage that our workshop in Heilbronn is 50 metres long, allowing us to service large special transport trailers or to extend trailers indoors.” EBB TRUCK-CENTER GMBH EBB, with three facilities and annual sales of nearly 500 new trucks, is a prominent DAF dealer in southern Germany. Armin Blum is one of the five directors. Armin: “We want to be close to our customers. That’s why we employ thirteen sales advisors for trucks, trailers, used vehicles and service/parts. Our strength is the cooperation between the various departments. If our parts department has a new customer for drum brakes, then who knows: next year we may sell him a DAF truck or a Nooteboom trailer. In addition to our own three facilities we work with twelve service partners in our region for the maintenance of DAF trucks, but also other brands. We offer transport operators a complete package that includes new and used trucks and trailers, repairs/maintenance, parts, financing and hire as well as associated services .” BACK TO 2004 Armin Blum: “We started the EBB Truck-Center GmbH & Co. KG in 2004 with six people. In 2012 we merged with Kraftfahrzeuge ■  ■  In the 50-metre deep workshop it is possible to repair extended trailers Eichelberger GmbH in Baden-Baden and in 2013 we took over our third facility – the TTC GmbH - in Dettingen unter Teck. In 2013 we opened our new headoffice in Heilbronn. That was a tremendous improvement and we expected that a workshop of 1,300 m2 would do us for many years to come. But the workshop is often completely full these days and we have to look for a space outside. This is an amazing development, which is partly due to the convenient location of our workshop, just off the A6. We also pay much attention to the drivers. They can spend the night on our premises and - if required - wash their tractor and trailer. Over the past five years our workforce has grown to nearly 100.” EBB Truck-Center GmbH and Nooteboom share the same philosophy: delivering a top-quality truck or trailer is only part of the success. The other part is the personal contact, which makes it possible to respond promptly to the requirements of the customers. Armin Blum: “We work on a long-term relationship with the customers. That’s one of the reasons why we joined forces with Nooteboom. We may need a couple of years to reach our sales targets, but we are convinced that we will succeed. And if Nooteboom can expand the SMART programme with a few more types of vehicles that are specifically suitable for our region, our partnership with Nooteboom will be a great success.” ■ In 2013 EBB moved to this new state-of-the-art premises 37