English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 6


First EURO-PX 3 + 6 for Affolter Transporte


IMB ( PL ) becomes biggest EURO-PX low-loader

Affolter Transporte AG , from Schüpfen in Switzerland , has added several Nooteboom low-loaders to their fleet . The heaviest version is the 6-axle PXE low-loader with a 3-axle IC Interdolly , type EURO-135-36 ( ICP ) – a first in Switzerland . In addition to this ‘ giant ’ Affolter ordered a 4-axle PXE with a 2-axle Interdolly and a 1-axle Interdolly . Both low-loaders are equipped with an extendible flatbed load floor . Together with a 3 + 5 PXE low-loader with spine floor Affolter can now put together a large number of different configurations , with zero to 3 axles in front of the lowbed and 4 to 6 axles behind . He has plenty of options because all Interdollies , floor sections and axle assemblies are universally connectable . Apart from the freedom of choice regarding the lowbed , Affolter can turn the low-loader into a semi low-loader by using close coupling . ■
IMB-Podbeskidzie from Skoczow has specialised in projects in the infrastructure , such as building and renovating bridges and viaducts . For the transport of their large and heavy drilling machines and crawler cranes IMB-Podbeskidzie has added a EURO-PX 3 + 6 low-loader to their fleet . The EURO-140- 36 ( ICP ) is a low-loader combination with nine axle lines in total . At the rear a 6-axle assembly with pendle axles is mounted and the 3-axle ICP Interdolly at the front . The width of the spine floor can be extended with removable bolsters . A close-coupling piece was supplied too , so that the Interdolly can be coupled directly to the axle assembly . In this way the EURO-PX can also be used as a 9-axle semi low-loader for the transport of loads such as concrete structures . IMB-Podbeskidzie has several Nooteboom PXE low-loaders and Teletrailers in their transport fleet . ■