English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 20

GIANTS ON THE ROAD Trailer Service Lecluyse (TSL) DAY AND NIGHT AT THE READY EVERY DAY NOOTEBOOM TRAILERS MAKE THEIR WAY TO THE FAR CORNERS OF EUROPE TO DELIVER THEIR ABNORMAL LOADS. AN EXTENSIVE EUROPEAN NETWORK OF NOOTEBOOM SERVICE CENTRES AND PARTNERS ARE ON HAND TO PROVIDE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS. ALL OF THESE COMPANIES HAVE EXPERT KNOWLEDGE OF NOOTEBOOM VEHICLES AND CARRY OUT SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NOOTEBOOM QUALITY STANDARDS. One of these Nooteboom Service Centres is Trailer Service Lecluyse (TSL), with facilities in Gullegem (near Kortrijk) and Strépy- Bracquegnies (near Bergen). In addition to having extensive expert knowledge Lecluyse are also extremely customer-friendly. Lieven Lecluyse: “We are at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help our customers. That’s not always a lot of fun, because even on a Saturday night we will start our service bus and set off if we are called upon. But it is very satisfying if we get a telephone call afterwards from a satisfied customer.” We talk to Bruno and Lieven Lecluyse. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Lieven Lecluyse: “In 1999 I started the trailer repair business TSL, together with my brother. By then we already had plenty of experience in the transport industry. My brother Bruno is very interested in special transport. He really enjoys solving the technical problems that come with a complex low-loader. In 2002 we got in touch with Nooteboom ourselves and asked to become a service partner. We like working with Nooteboom. The combination of high-quality Nooteboom trailers and our meticulous service is for a number of transport operators in our region the reason to drive almost exclusively with Nooteboom trailers.” TRAINING IN WIJCHEN Bruno: “At the start of our partnership with Nooteboom I attended a training course in Wijchen. A few years later several of our mechanics ■  20 Bruno and Lieven Lecluyse had a couple of days’ training too. But above all we gained a really in-depth knowledge of the technical details of the Nooteboom trailers in daily practice. And if we cannot solve a problem we call or mail the service department of Nooteboom.” BREAKDOWN Lieven: “We have built an excellent reputation in coming to the rescue when a trailer breaks down at the roadside. With a breakdown you often have to be extremely creative in order to get the trailer on the road again as quickly as possible. You also learn what the strong and weak points of the trailer are. Our company has grown quickly and we now have two fa- cilities offering maintenance, repairs, a breakdown service and complete refurbishment. We also recently opened a bodyshop. This workshop, with a floor space of 1,500 m2, is located directly opposite our existing facility.” LARGE STOCK OF PARTS Lieven: “In repairs we often depend on a speedy delivery of parts. We have been working on Nooteboom trailers for years and therefore we know exactly which parts we need on a regular basis. These parts we have in stock ourselves. We have more parts in stock than other repair businesses because we want to help our customers back on the road again as quickly as possible. If we need parts that we don’t have in stock we or- der them that day before 17.00 hrs. and they will be with us the next day.” ■  Recently expanded with a bodyshop