English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 5 - 2018 | Page 43

INNOVATION the Tjalkkade in Venlo the company can also provide sawing, blast- ing, shearing, bending and other processes. Thanks to their own port and six steel production halls with a vertical span of 33 metres, Geurts-Janssen can deliver ultra-long steel sections from stock. They run their own transport vehicles, driven by extremely experienced drivers. NETCAP INTERNATIONAL BV Netcap delivers a sliding canope system for trailers. The construc- tion is extremely stable and the canopy smoothly slides open and closed. A Netcap sliding canopy is designed to cover the load floor of the trailer quickly and easily to protect the load from the weather. Dangerous scrambling adventures over the load are a thing of the past, because the driver can pull the canopy over the load with one hand while he walks along the trailer. Apart from protecting the load from the weather, the sliding canopy also significantly reduces the time taken to load/unload. The Netcap system is based on a special aluminium rail section with recesses for the vertical and horizontal wheels. The rail is reinforced at the top so that no damage is done if a forklift truck knocks against the rail. The new Nooteboom Teletrailer of Geurts-Janssen was developed in close cooperation with all four parties concerned. While it was being built the technical details were discussed regularly. The basis is the Nooteboom Teletrailer, which has proved many times over to be an efficient vehicle to transport long steel sections and steel structures. Netcap is a specialist in sliding canopy systems with a worldwide customer base and Van Rijssel Carrosserie put it all together. And thanks to this collaboration the drivers of Geurts-Janssen are now able to keep their – blasted – steel clean and dry during transport. ■ The sliding canopy is designed to quickly and easily cover the load floor of the trailer ■  The sliding canopy has a specially developed double-rail system ■  43