English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 14

GIANTS ON THE ROAD Sobanscy Transport MEGATRAILERS LIGHT AND LOW IN 1989 RYSZARD SOBANSKI STARTED A SMALL TRANSPORT COMPANY IN GLOWCZYCE, NEAR THE BALTIC SEA COAST. THE COMPANY WAS EXTREMELY WELL ORGANISED AND GREW FAST. In 2014 their 50th commercial vehicle hit the road and in 2016 the 100th employee was taken on. 2017 brought another milestone because in that year a separate department for abnormal transport was established. During the past year Nooteboom delivered as many as eleven new trailers for this new activity of Sobanscy. STEERING Grzegorz Szymanowicz is responsible for the day-to-day management of the special transport department. Grzegorz: ”Sobanscy Transport started out a long time ago as a transporter agro products mainly potatoes. More than a hundred owners of large farms in Poland and other EU countries are our customers. From agricultural products, to agricultural machinery is only a small step. Our second business is the international transport of steel and coils. Clients in this field were also interested in extended trailers. In 2016 we were looking for a supplier of reliable and low trailers. The Megatrailers of Nooteboom met our requirements perfectly. Nooteboom trailers can be used for our agricultural transports as well as the steel and coils transports. It means we can offer our customers more choice. ■  14 The majority of our Megatrailers are single extendible with one self- tracking axle. We also have a few MCO-48-03V(VM) trailers with three hydraulically steered axles. The load floor of these semi-trailers can be extended up to 29 metres. For us this is a new market segment. At first our drivers had to get used to it, because to go from a length of 16.5 metres to an extended length of around 30 metres is a big step. On a farm yard or construction site there is often very little room to manoeuvre. But the hydraulically steered axles make it possible for us to load and unload everywhere. The Nooteboom Megatrailers are low – 980 mm! – and also very light, which gives us a lot of extra load capacity.” With their quality service Sobanscy Transport is able to win over a growing number of European customers. In order to meet that demand Sobanscy opened new branches, first in Poznan, on the main route from Germany to Warsaw and later on in Raesfeld, Germany, near the Dutch border. So within a thirty-year period a regional Polish coal transport company grew into an international organisation with strategically located branches in Europe.  ■ The extendible Megatrailer is the right solution for both long and high loads