English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 32

GIANTS ON THE ROAD NoVAB 3.0 Cloud ALWAYS A CLEAR OVERVIEW OF THE AXLE LOADS THE NOOTEBOOM VEHICLE AXLE LOAD CALCULATION PROGRAMME – IN SHORT NOVAB - WAS DEVELOPED MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO ESPECIALLY FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS IN THE INTERNATIONAL ABNORMAL TRANSPORT SECTOR. THE PROGRAMME ACCURATELY CALCULATES THE OPTIMAL POSITION FOR THE LOADS ON THE VEHICLE COMBINATIONS THAT ARE TO BE LOADED. USERS OF THE PROGRAMME CAN CHOOSE FROM A WIDE RANGE OF PREDEFINED VEHICLES, SUCH AS BOX TRUCKS, TRACTORS, SEMI-TRAILERS AND DRAWBAR-TRAILERS. If required, the details of these vehicles can simply be adapted and it is also possible to put together different configurations. The same applies to the load. Users can opt for a predefined load or enter all the details of the load themselves. Based on these details NoVAB then calculates the axle loads and the best possible axle load distribution. This makes NoVAB an important tool for choosing the right vehicle combination and to prevent exceeding the maximum axle load. The number of NoVAB users has grown over the years to more than 1200 companies. Nooteboom has recently introduced a completely new version: NoVAB 3.0 Cloud. ■  32 A clear overview drawing can be useful for exemption applications NOVAB 3.0 CLOUD The latest version of NoVAB offers many important improvements. Selecting the right tractor-trailer combination and calculating how the weight of the load is distributed over the axles is now even quicker and easier. You can also specify whether one or several axles are to be lifted. For international transports the transport operator is able to calculate per country whether the complete combination with its load complies with the maximum permitted axle loads. NoVAB generates a useful drawing of the general arrangement with all the relevant axle load details and other important parameters. This document is useful when applying for an exemption. It can also be used to instruct the driver where to position the load on the trailer.