English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 50

HELLA REGULATIONS SIDE MARKER LIGHTS IN THE COMING YEARS AN INCREASING NUMBER OF SEMI-TRAILERS AND DRAWBAR TRAILERS WILL BE FITTED WITH FLASHING SIDE MARKER LIGHTS. 50 Flashing side marker lights are not yet mandatory, but a change in the regulations is on the way. More and more manufacturers can now deliver flashing side marker lights as they realise that customers see the benefit. Nooteboom is also going to introduce HELLA flashing LED side marker lights as a new trailer innovation later this year. marker lights will become mandatory in the coming years but it will not happen soon. For vehicles that are already registered this is certainly not mandatory. Especially for those customers who choose the safe option of having flashing side marker lights, HELLA has developed a unit that makes the side marker lights flash in sync with the indicator. SAFETY REGULATIONS The discussion about flashing side marking has been going on for a while. It is mainly meant to warn other road users. It will be safer for cyclists who in the dark or in the blind spot of the vehicle are difficult to spot by the driver. It is expected that flashing side The regulations for the lighting of commercial vehicles are getting more detailed all the time. On the HELLA website there is a comprehensive guide explaining clearly all the details relating to lighting. ■