English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 6

GIANTS ON THE ROAD KRAANBEDRIJF HERPERTZ 6 NOOTEBOOM Visit IPAF Crane hire company Herpertz from Nederweert in the Netherlands and a branch in Belgium too specialise in crane hire, special transport and industrial removals. During the last few years the company’s abnormal transport department has grown considerably. To extend their fleet of semi-trailers Herpertz invested almost solely in Nooteboom trailers. In the second half of last year three new Nooteboom semi-trailers were delivered and another three new low-loaders and semi low-loaders are almost ready for delivery. One of the trailers, the.OSDS-41-03 semi low-loader is equipped with a canopy so that machines such as the valuable electric JMG crane, which is used for industrial removals, stay clean and dry during transport. The semi low-loader with canopy is often used for all kinds of machine transport. The choice for this semi-trailer was made due to its very low dead weight, which gives Herpertz many practical advantages, especially in Belgium. The canopy was supplied by Carrosseriebedrijf Van Rijssel from Asten. The width of the canopy can be adjusted at the rear to make loading/ unloading easier.  ■ The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and efficient use of access platforms in the widest sense, worldwide. The IPAF provides technical advice and information, is committed to improve the regulations and legislation, takes safety initiatives and offers training programmes. Recently the Dutch and Belgian members of the IPAF visited Nooteboom in Wijchen. In addition to the IPAF programme Nooteboom organised several presentations, demonstrations and a guided tour of the factory. Nooteboom offers a wide range of trailers that are specially designed for the access equipment sector. Nooteboom supports the objectives of the IPAF and is a member of the organisation. The IPAF is a non-profit organisation. Its members are manufacturers, rental companies, dealers, contractors and other users. Worldwide the IPAF members manage the majority of the access equipment for hire and the affiliated manufacturers produce around 85% of all access equipment. Nooteboom supports not just the IPAF, but any other business organisation that promotes increased safety, clear regulations and harmonisation of the technical requirements.  ■ Under canvas TRANSPORTS CHABRILLAC ‘Super Shallow’ load floor One of the markets in which Transports Chabrillac from Castanet Tolosan (France) is active is the transport of loads for the aerospace industry. This is a very special market, due to the value and the unique character of the materials that are transported. Jérôme Pasdeloup, Managing Director of Transport Chabrillac: “Careful and advanced preparations are crucial for the success of each transport operation within the aerospace industry. We are always looking for innovative solutions in the light of the various economic and industrial challenges within the sector and we adapt our fleet accordingly. That’s why we have a preference for Nooteboom, which is reflected in our vehicle fleet. For our latest investment we have therefore opted for the EURO-71- 13(IPC). This 3-axle EURO-PX low- loader with a single-axle Interdolly Compact is equipped with a special ultra-thin extendible load floor, also known as a ‘Super Shallow Deck’. This load floor offers us the maximum loading height that we need for our loads.”  ■