English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 7

NEWS CLAES-VERWIMP Cross-border transport BOLK TRANSPORT Quality twice Bolk Transport from Almelo has already been using Nooteboom trailers for abnormal transport for decades. In the Bolk fleet a wide variety of Nooteboom vehicles are to be found. From simple 3-axle semi low-loaders and Megatrailers to the most advanced trailers of Nooteboom, such Mega Windmill Transporters, Super Wing Carriers, EURO-PX low-loaders and Manoovr semi low-loaders. Bolk has recently placed another large order with Nooteboom, of which the first semi-trailers are to be delivered in the summer of 2019. The order includes various 5-axle Manoovr semi low-loaders, 2-axle EURO-PX low- loaders and 4-axle Multitrailers. At Bolk Transport quality is a top priority. The same goes for Nooteboom and the quality of their products and service is the basis for the long-standing excellent relationship between Bolk and Nooteboom.  ■ LASO TRANSPORTES S.A 18th Super Wing Carrier “LASO Transportes S.A. from the Portuguese Milharado is internationally one of the largest transporters for the wind energy market. The latest investment concerns 6 extra Super Wing Carriers, especially for transporting extremely long rotor blades up to more than 70 meters. LASO now has no less than 18 Super Wing Carriers in its transport fleet. Paulo Franco: “Nooteboom is the inventor of the Super Wing Carrier which has been of great value for us. We see that other manufacturers try to copy the concept but we stay with the original because the SWC as well as the complete Nooteboom organization have proven their worth. Together with the expansion of our transport fleet with 6 new SWC’s, we also expanded our fleet considerably with several extendable Mega trailers and EURO low-loaders.”  ■ Claes-Verwimp from Lichtaart (Belgium) has expanded their fleet with three new Nooteboom trailers. The delivery consists in total of a 3-axle MCO semi low-loader and two low-loaders: a 2-axle EURO-PX and a 4-axle EURO-PX with a 2-axle ICP Interdolly. Claes- Verwimp has a long-standing relationship with Nooteboom and the company has a wide variety of Nooteboom trailers in their fleet, the most striking being the 6-axle Manoovr with a 2-axle Multidolly. This semi-trailer is – with 100 tonnes load capacity – an ideal alternative for the complex modular trailers. Another activity of Claes-Verwimp is organising exemptions and transport escorts in the Netherlands and Belgium for other drivers and pilot car drivers. The company has more than 25 years’ experience in escorting and the customer has the advantage of dealing with one point of contact for cross-border transports between the Netherlands and Belgium. For the training of their drivers Claes-Verwimp uses the V-TAS/ Nooteboom Academy training centre.  ■ 7